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wishlist for an overcooked editor

So, to write this blog I use word grinder + cool retro term, and its ok.


but resently I found textreme and tried it out hopeful it was better.


It wasnt… as a text editor it was lacking basic features, an inablity to open a text file from the command line, so I couldn’t slot it into my scipts.

But its got me thinking about what I want, its not quite simplictity or a distraction free editor, I want something memey, A “tetris effect” of a text editor; or an overcooked editors as I decided to coin with the title.

Heres a wish list if someone wants to make such a thing a reality:

  1. Markdown ( or prehaphs monkyyy markup) syntax styling

  2. Dark themes with maybe some color accents.

  3. shifting colors or random approved theme at start up.

  4. Screen saver style back grounds, ants simulations, planets, steal ideas from tetris effect? whatever something.

  5. Nice clicky sound effects with key presses.

  6. A timer if its idle for say a minute with an “>:( get back to typing” message.

  7. Sane command line behavior.

  8. autosaving