You are capable of surviving the elements for 20-minute chunks at a time.

You can go feel nature, during a very loud thunderstorm that takes out some tree limbs; and you’ll find it’s fairly trivial when taken in small doses.

Camping needs special shit, you’ll be uncomfy because sleep is important, and you’ll be dirty; shits annoying I’m not a naturephile I’m not suggesting that, but I like walking in the middle of the night during “heavy rain” when people will stop and ask if I’m alright.

The world has gone insane and I wasn’t sane to start with and I’m worried about the collapse of civilization, but there is this lovely sense of calm when you trust that your kindle is waterproof enough for light weather and sit on a wet bench with a view and just deal with the rain and realize it could be just so simple.

Sure don’t actually sit down for an hour to read during a thunderstorm, but there seems to be a taboo that overdoing it. Where is everyone else during the comfyest time of light rain, or the raw edification of feeling the rain on your face while watching the sky during a thunderstorm with winds that could make a child stumble?