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use my code

So I’ve written some public code during my time with D but no one is using it, use my code(listed is rough order of quality)


Range match, is a partial implementation of pattern matching. Focused on cleanly allowing complex “stuctured” programming. The main detail is that its requires the logic to be written using ranges such as 1<=x<=3. Replacing particularly nasty if-else chains.

Genertic radix

A specialized fast sort, countary to poplur belief radix sort can be used for more then unsigned ints. It will require a bit of work and a bit of thoery, but as the basic unit of computation contains more infomation then the bool of the comparision sorts it should be faster.


A experiment to impliment css grids stand alone. See my rants on tiling window managers.


A “aosoa” template to try and make this data-oriented design primitive comfy to work with and not a bunch of manual work like it would be in c or the clusterfuck of boilerplate that is unity ecs.

trash utility files