When I wrote that blog post that I was “proudly antivaxx” I was mocking that a dictionary thought opposing vax mandates was antivaxx.

I’m no longer convinced that isn’t the definition anymore, soooo, I’m for self-ownership to the point of people being able to sell organs and the current bullshit of this escalating pressure to affect mental decisions is so disgustingly unacceptable, give me the title, I’ll take it and wear it happily you fucking cucks.

These 2 weeks have almost been two years, I remember someone approaching me in public to wear a mask a month in and refusing saying, “this won’t stop until people start refusing” and it’s like… I’m just so fucking disappointed with the rest of you; the consequences for doing it in public is an awkward conversation, well currently you never know when the cards or camps actually happen, we are currently quite free relatively to history can you maintain it you sniveling cowards.