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ubi predictions

So as we get the 2nd and there is talk of a 3rd stimulus check, let’s talk about what it was, a test run for Ubi.

I imagine public support for Ubi has never been higher, I don’t understand the politics which drive welfare design making in the slightest, but I imagine the chance it happens soon to be raising.

Let’s assume Ubi starts in 2023 and its now the year is 2028. What do I expect to happen during this?

  1. Moderate deurbanization. American cities are cesspits and wildly unhealthy, there is some slow trickle of people fleeing them as is, Ubi would be a carrot to this stick. I believe people stay in the cities because they imagine it’s where the work is. If there is a flat payment it should occur to many that moving somewhere with a lower cost of living is an option. I don’t understand why people stay in cities currently so many would probably stay for these mystery reasons hence “moderate”.

  2. Radical raise in odd jobs and wildly unrealistic self-employment; an “unsticking” of the 40 hour workweek. Financial freedom and security, isn’t something people traditionally have, it would be radically new. While there is talk that “no one would work” Nah, people are still incapable of budgeting and the payment would likely be just below the standard of living by design; it would however give flexibility in how, and many would forego security and status of a standard job for a different style.

  3. Expansion of illegal immigration even further, calls to restrict legal immigrants on account of the… neo-middle classes(?) sake, while they engage in hiring out in using illegal immigrant labor. House cleaners, fast food workers, and other luxury service work will likely drop away from the young and uneducated masses of Americans while demand increase as the people still working normal jobs would demand such small luxuries. It’s not hard to imagine in between the chaos illegal immigrants fill the gaps.

  4. The dominance of the dollar is questioned, but not broken. America will still be the cultural and military superpower, but people will raise their eyebrows. There will likely need to be moves to protect the dollar, absurdly high taxes on wealth or land and the laundering money scheme of the American war machine would be slowed, something, politicians would be extremely dumb to not mitigate harm somehow. But if currency wasn’t cultural, bitcoin would have already won, and if anything the Ubi would be an insane show of dominance.

  5. The edge case art markets become common knowledge, decrease in price but radically expand in volume. Rare pepes, furries designs; if you’re unaware there are fringe art markets, that confuse even me; but they exist and are likely driven by causal income and unlike anything else are not finite. Let’s not go crazy and assume that the 1000$ furries pictures become the norm, let’s say 20$ here or there for some custom art, impulse buys once a month but people with weak self-control for a half-baked self-employment culture for artists.