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The sea is calling

Soooo… I feel the future is dim, the political climate has the smell of commie on it, my generation signed up for crippling debt, and those demographic pyramids aren’t looking too hot. Oh, and everyone was ok with totalitarianism to manage damage for a wildly incompetent worldwide system of “science” that thought throwing sick animals together trying to get them sick would improve the health of the world.

On top of that, I’m not sure I’d ever be willing to get a home, I haven’t been playing the debt game, property taxes suggest fake ownership and there seems to be pressure to keep the middle class out and the feel of the market seems wildly inflated.

The America I found that I liked, of the idealistic pamphleteers, seems dead with them; my ties are to family only.

Realistically how much does a seastead cost? I mean really? On a practical level, it’s only materials and technical skills that likely are part of any home, while those costs of the stupidity of the manipulated market of regulations are raising, while my wish to be …. in any nation of my choice, is minor at best. No nation even comes to mind.

The first seasteading had to run away from a military and may very well have been put to death…. but… I hate y’all, living in international waters (if I manage an internet connection) sounds nice even if there’s an implied threat of whatever nearby nation-state making a fess. One has to wonder, if I could just, be the 2nd seasteader and pick a location better, with less monsters.

Next time I have a bit of money, do I start making calls to custom boat shops? The seasteading institute? Buoy manufactures?