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So, time zones and daylight savings, what’s the deal with that.

Well, there are 3 fundamental details to the discussion:

  1. Long-distance coordinated time is valuable.

  2. Humans are willing to care about this standard over their own health, i.e. people don’t change their alarms the day before daylight savings and tell their bosses “nah” west side of time zones have higher rates of sleep-related issues.

  3. The sun moves across the surface of the earth in a distinctly unhelpful organic way.

So not only fuck daylight savings(but why are you asking permission to not arbitrary change your sleep schedule from your robits and politicians, anyway?) fuck timezones in the case of America.

I suggest a radical shift, America should have a single time zone, and 12 sun zones. This time zone should not have daylight savings even, it should just be the declared American time zone.

In its place, there should an artificial declared time the sun raises separated by 15-minute chunks and cut up however convenient. That’s a touch absurd given that it changes by time of year and if there are mountains nearby, but all the same, there should be a systematic declared sunrise time for the replacement. Because people apparently will change their behavior and it affects their health.

And you implement the following policies, be grumpy with corporations that open let’s say before an hour after the sunrise. Phone default settings for do-not-disturb are set to by -9 hours before this sun raise and +1 after. Make these national-sized systems start listing their operating times as “sun+X hours”.

No more having to need more time zone information from Americans. I as a hyper-capitalist do adore the industrialized train networks, but they weren’t trying to design a system for people to sleep properly or anything of the sort, this is a relic of redesigning of the last norms around time, it can be redesigned again.