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starting steno

Steno is an old tech to type with word cords, for whatever reason it’s rare but they routinely win typing speed games to the point it’s banned in that community. I see maybe 70% chance it has saner spelling than default English or I can grab a dictionary.

I don’t understand the layout, it seems archaic and not actually responding to qwerty keyboards at all, I rotated my keycaps which helps especially the vowels.

I’m rather worried that it’s overly optimized for the target of 240 words per minute when I realistically would like 100 with as little effort as possible to get a feel for the benefits of spelling since I CANT and will never be able to,

I kinda want a purely syllable-tic dictionary, cause it sounds like I do need to learn common words that are not matching the “one hand + thumbs + other hand” 3 letters sub-cords theory and it’s like…. no. I don’t want to know that 8 letter cord matches “how are you” id rather know those three cords.

“qwerty steno” seems like a sane resource, but I don’t actually know.

I’m wondering if there is a mode in one of these tools to output 3 letters “words” that matches the starting consistently, middle vowel, ending consistent with a dash so I can output something with complex words I don’t know: “si-nes-im” for scientism for example. I mean my communication is like that as is. When I’m not in an editor. and maybe I could write scripts that add it to a to-do list.

Should I “join the steno community” with whatever discords, or is that likely falling for a meme like when I tried Dvorak?