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Right of Plausible Evil

Absolutist gun rights is a belief known to be held in rural America but woefully misunderstood. People call their disagreement with it “common sense” and think I will fall for their wordplay. Or cite gun violence spooky numbers, or supreme court sophisticated opinions, or better yet tell me how big of guns I’d need to overthrow the American state. If a nuclear bomb in a true patriot’s hands would kill the state, trust me on this, I would play my part of getting such a minor thing accomplished; we’re not reading the same book to speak nothing of page.

I believe people have the right to be capable of evil, period. Wait no, not a right, responsibility. While knowledge and technology are not perfectly balanced in moral possibilities, it will always be a mixed bag, nuclear power is hand in hand with nukes; curing cancer will be hand in hand with bioterrorism, and space travel will mean massive energy source is under someone’s control that could always go boom, driving at highway speeds means these death machines are in the hands of basically everyone. Tools act only thru hands, if something done was evil it’s because a sharp tool was in an evil hand; if your blaming the tool well I suggest you insist any surgeon use safety scissors, insufferable cuck.

I don’t know where this knowledge went, but there are people I’d otherwise respect afraid and wish to cripple some of the most promising techs because it can kill millions in the wrong hands and not projecting this ideal forward.

This may be the Mormon version of the story, but I was taught god intended adam and eve to eat the fruit of knowledge as part of their development to gain godlike power; and what was this god-like power when this story was written, Eygpt digging canals? The hunting strategy of setting a forest on fire to send animals into ambushes? Anyway, yes when eating the fruit of knowledge we will surely die, diasters will come of learning to create forest fires or build dams for primitive humans, and there will be bioterrorism in our future if DNA computers are made and oh let’s make 1000’s of nuclear power plants and watch a few explode.

I know capable hands can make evil it was never a debate, I think we ought to grow more and more capable despite that.