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Reclaim mod keys

So you learned bash, and you set up a hotkey deamon of some sort and your ready to edit your dotfiles like a good /g/ fren to have a “productive” system.

But, all your programs use all the easy to remember hotkeys. You only have ctrl and alt and 36 keys. Are you suppose to ctrl+alt+shift+o+m to open your music player?

Whatever is a newfren to do?

I couldn’t find one with broken fingers

Its simple we kill capslock and reclaim super.

Install “xmodmap” and “xcape”

Make the following file:


clear lock
keycode 66 = Hyper\_R
add Mod3 = Hyper\_R

add these lines to your autostart script (such as bspwmrc)

xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap
xcape -e 'Super\_L=Super\_L|Shift\_L|space'

and rewrite your run menu keybinding to be super+shift+space (sxhkdrc)

super + shift + space 
	rofi -show && ~/.config/wallpaper.sh_

And you have 2 new mod keys, super and hyper. And you to can be a cool haker with 20 workspaces and a tiling wm. Btw sxhkd calls hyper “mod3”.