In say 1950’s in some dark alley of some major city, there was a homeless drunk, an abused teenager who ran away from home, a drag queen on their way to a gay bar, a socially acceptable but closeted socialite like say turing or wilde. All with their own shit, but nonetheless some how found their way to the same dark alley. These lives will ask many questions you wont; so where will be the answers?

How should the socialite feel about the teenager trading money to the homeless drunk to share a bottle of vodka, to gasp drink underaged? Or their probably quite dysfunctional interactions?

That is the best argument for queer anarchism existence I can make. A queer community, of broken or outcast people trying to function, who get zero guidance from “acceptable” sources, because merely being in that situation is unacceptable. And you will have many many questions. Not *THE queer community that’s convincing corps to make a rainbow logo.

4chan is a collection of people who are generally banned or disliked from all other social networks, this can include terry davis who quite liked a specific word, open fascists, furies, people who write violent fan fiction about mlp, and me. Generally there is a discord posted once a week or so, so you get a nice sample of users who then make a community.

I wonder if there has ever been political philosophy for managing community of social outcasts and their broken dysfunctional relationships. idk, anyone have any insights here?