taglines are spooks

proud antivaxxer

Today the definition of antivaxxer is:


And I with full pride say that I oppose laws that mandate vaccination.

If you need a reason, well the unstable peace around abortion for the most part is built around the belief that the state shouldn’t interfere with medical decisions, roe v wade makes that fairly clear, and what happens if that’s overturned? Make no mistake that is a debate that is a matter of life and death and is an issue where it’s a grey area for the non-aggression principle, this sidestepping of the issue is wildly important.

Imagine family courts being even worse if medical records of children are legal ammo.

Crazy idea: let’s not open that Pandora’s box of state mandating medical anything. Well, let’s not open it more than it is with say school “suggesting” parents to get their kids on ADHD meds.

That’s not really what this rant is about, this image is a lovely fragment of something that happens all the time: Argument by definition.

The pattern is simple: a word means evil, it could be racist, antivaxxer, fascist whatever; but with a, dare I say, sloppy definition and the argument for moral superiority in merely reduced to declaring your takes as one such definition and making it definitionally evil with a sight of hand.

My solution is simple enough, don’t care; embrace the labels; if that lends the definitionally evil moral acceptance, maybe those who do this shit should be less “sophist"icated.