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please stop the roits antifa

When this started, there was a video of a man being killed by police officers that generally speaking everyone agreed was murder. Today, that fact is disputed, there was a 17 year old who was either kkk member or an americain hero depending on who you ask.

You went staight past, vague but consentous to improve the problem of police violence, to two competing thoeries of expanding police power.

The first is clear, trump is running on law and order. The arm of the repubicain party known as fox new has been showing images of voilence consistently.

What is far less obvious is that biden/harris is a dog wistle for law and order. If we presume that independent voters do an entire minute of research, a big ask but bare with me; they should find that either joe “crime bill” biden in fact added 80 something crimes to the death penelty list and expanded police power, and that harris is considered an over zealous proscutor. Biden alone is a blank slate that pushes in whatever the dnc decides should be the next president; or the maybe anti-bernie but doubling down on the feature of law and order democrates speaks that it was intended.

Continuing the violence isn’t helping the case that the state is unnecessary or evil. For whatever reason this murder entered the public consensus, a rare event; and you wasted it, rotted it and left it out to smell. Fuck you ancoms this moment was valuable; learn from this mistake.