So I’ve recently been working on a autotiler


In order to document the controls I wanted a way to make such things… so I made that too.


(be sure you read that code before use so you don’t get started expecting features that aren’t there, like saving)

So todo list for autotiler:

  1. handling probabilistic tiles
  2. finalising list of keys autotiler and rule editor use(to make infographics)
  3. scrolling
  4. different update modes?
  5. viewing “input” directly?
  6. hot reloading of rules
  7. large drawing tip, like maybe 5x5
  8. idk

I’m feeling kinda overwhelmed with designing a tool that I feel I need to finish my game, but also that that game also been a whole thing.

idk I’ll probably get back to this in a week, and would love someone else making a pass.