Syntax matters.

“If a language is turing complete MATH says you can do anything in it; your DISAGREEING WITH MATH”.


Yes I am, I will proudly disagree with math when I god damn please.

I a mere mortal am not up in the clouds of platonic mathematical ideals, I can write code in c that I cant in brainfuck. I’m also lazy, if something is annoying it also won’t be done. If it gets in my way, I wont do it and actively seek to break it.

  • The behaviour of default types of a programming language are of great importance and not “bike shedding”
  • An ugly symbol like __traits screams don’t use
  • Initialising float to NAN by default is a foot gun
  • if something can’t be done with a 1 liner, the language cant be said to support it
  • The std should be extensive and good. D having 5 containers in std container all of which are shit, means everyone will write their own containers.
  • Semantics is the real bike shed, what matters is what the code does in 90% of cases and if the result in edge cases are defensible. The smaller the example for strange behaviour the worse the design.
  • Pit of success