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I want to go to an antimask protest

Naturally, I’m a “covid-denier”; despite the fact I made a death toll prediction feb 5th before the medical estimement raised the alram, I did my speculating, made my conclusion, and stated it to an hyper critical audence saying I was anti-science for thinking it would be worse then sars. Dispite enaging with the most important bit of science I believe in, motivated prediction.

Yes really. I predicted 300,000 deaths on feb 5th I will not be letting any one in any agrument on the topic off without explaining why they didn’t have a reasonable attempt. Having the world disagree with you but being right is always suffocating.

…. I fucking hate it all. Do none of you see the frenzy your in, the mental agony your in for a illness that doesn’t harm the young. Your very hard to love humanity.

I may as well restate my case again, any lockdown past the risk of medical shortages are a meme. The R0 is very very high, there is a point where everyone will be infected by an illness given a high enough R0. Any increase won’t infect more poeple and by simple logic a decrease to that point won’t save any lives either.

They did nothing when it mattered then over corrected and did everything when it didn’t. Like an expecting mother who was on meth for the first 2 weeks of pregency, then converted to a cult that ate nothing but raw food. Exopental growth may take a bit but the outcome was set in motion. It will feel very unfair to that mother but I would rate the brith defect risk using numbers from methhead births.

Speaking of which we are close to 9 months since I’ve heard; its getting rather old.

I’ve asked 4chan, I tried reddit, I’ve googled, I’ve dug into new stories of past protests. 4chan and cnn are on the same page of “PANIC” and calling me crazy. And of course the majority of places feel censored. I want a local protest, I’ll probaly be awkward, as they will antivaxxers probaly but….. I don’t know maybe it will be satisfying in some way.