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Fertility prediction

I believe with 95% confidence you’re going to see a class of women with long-term fertility issues from being given these corona vaccines.

Some facts:

Vaccines are supposed to stay in your arm, so the toxicity is minimized. These vaccines and maybe the method itself don’t it roams around the body.

The protein itself is toxic.

There is a censorship campaign to silence people reporting strange symptoms, which are quite varied and strange. Not that people tell their doctors all symptoms anyway.

For some reason, it’s concentrating in the uterus.

There’s is an increase in miscarriages. (It will take 9 months to see the worse of it)

Is it’s highly likely the following is true:

The majority of women have toxic protein in their uterus.

There isn’t an evolved method to handle this toxicity, there, unlike say lung tissue which young people handle flu-like illness doing their shit yearly. (What mechanism delievers hostile material from the lungs to the uterus?)

Long-term damage is happening.

At the rate that people admit that corona came from a lab, something I think I believed that January, it could be 5 years before all these facts are “accepted” and a decade before the story is explained dryly to the public, but I’m quite sure about this. There’s strange toxicity in the uterus, there will be issues that come from this and I’m ever more disappointed in humanity and the unbelievable incompetence of these systems.