taglines are spooks

Dont convince

In the culture of hyper-individualism, there is a mild disdain or mockery of debate for convincing others of your political positions while there is an overwhelming willingness to explain them.


I get the feeling this confuses others.

Why do I still my mustache like a cartoon villain, then instantly swap gears to discussing ethics, if perhaps narrowly? What’s going on here.

Well, I don’t want to win at democrazy and I don’t mean that as some big brain play to win at democrazy. Fascists and commies wish to get the general public on their side to seize power to dismantle democracy, at which point they will drop their facade, I’m not even going to maintain it.

I don’t vote, and I could argue at length about that. The current spooks of this age are screaming that popular opinion is the main source of power and I presume you’re projecting my compliance with these cultural norms of seeking political action this way or the belief I agree.

If I casually say “I support recreational mcnukes” to an NPC and they instinctively shut down their thoughts marking me crazy and decide at that moment “I will never support an ancap politician”. So what? No really, so what?


Such a person instinctive shut down their thoughts. They didn’t respond to new ideas with curiosity or even get the joke. According to the zeitgeist of democrazy, this is a failure, as a vote is a vote. I don’t care, as I’m not processed by that zeitgeist, it’s all the better to filter out the NPCs. While for real people, I’ve effectively communicated that I will not support (((common sense))) gun rights, and if they are very respective they may hear that I radically support nuclear power despite any and all fears of nuclear proliferation.

There are a few goals of debate you can be farming social power sure; but what about others?, there’s the exchange of ideas, and description free of the usual sophistry makes trade-offs in favor of that goal, if I cite an argument I don’t believe (in ways that appear sincere), I may waste any intellectual effort of freely of highly intelligent people for my benefit. I may appear as an unknown and therefore dangerous and functionally incorrigible. If I’ve given up on democracy these concerns dominate my micro-social decisions.

We live in a world where the vast majority of ideologies are all focused on this game of democracy and the social norms reflect this and I would like to remind you all, you can just state your beliefs cynically and bluntly without the fluff, and it’s often a great idea to do so.