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cruiseship seasteading

The sea, not space is the next frontier, it’s quite a bit closer and economical to send settlers there. 2/3rds of the earth surface is actually unclaimed by nation-states and while there are challenges for making it work, likely internet access with being expensive and slow, it not speculative high concept engineering to live there.

To my knowledge, there are two ongoing attempts and I have complaints about both, and would quickly like to suggest a 3rd.

To quickly summarize the other two, Chad Elwartowski and the seasteading institute:

Chad, some bitcoin investor ordered to have a seasteading house built, this tiny shack, and then hired out so boats to drag it out off the coast of Thailand. He is was/being tried for treason by Thailand with the death plenty being talked about and decided to not deal with it and abandoned the small shack.

On the drastic, another side of the spectrum is the seasteading institute. Which produces many artist renditions of what seastead could look like and it’s all super sci-fi and is in talks with some small nation to get some legal permission to do it. I.e. minarchists cucks.

If my opinion is clear from how I described them, I think chad is based but stupid, and I think the seasteading institute will be endlessly tied up in talks forever and I’m not all interested in asking permission.

Here’s the thing, there are already floating cities that flout laws; cruise ships. They aren’t self-sustainable and I honestly think they are shitty entitlement capitalism to the core but…. well they exist and aren’t being tried for treason.

So as a core idea, you, yes you, ancap billionaire with your bitcoin. You go buy a used small cruise ship and park it off the American coast or a related western country with a strong culture for individualism and start selling sections of the ship.

Here are some throwing shit at the wall industries to look into:

  1. Quiet bed and breakfast. Cuirseships survive off tourism, mixing low labor costs with middle-class money. You could do much the same, but I would pull back on the entitlement, the 24/7 buffet, and shows, etc. just a room near water and likely an interesting culture is a vacation enough.

  2. Saltwater experimental crops. There are experimentalists in this space looking at this idea, in theory, you could make some deal with a researching university one wanting to make crops in seawater and use these crops to supplement the local diet.

  3. Drug manufacturing, I would travel to have one of the experimental LSD + therapist treatments.

  4. Gambling. Las Vegas exists, and that dessert isn’t pleasant.

I would note you likely could invite some of the illegal immigrants for low-cost labor like with the cruise industry in general… but treat them better, rent them out small spaces for restaurants and other self-employment rather than running them ragged with 16 hour days with the centrally planning that is a cruise ship.