After reflecting on my “lerp list” project, I conclude these are not d ranges, or any other model of iterator for that matter.

I always knew I abused the interface; but I think my ideas on the subject have cystlized on the matter, I often make state machines and while community interfaces are nice, honestly truely wonderful I do just eventually learn the names, I want to make things that just won’t fit. Dispite the c++ and d model of functional programming is “soft"er then whats common aviable, I do just want to go fluccid no safty rails while composing functions and types together and seeing what comes out of it.

Lerp list, was a terrible name of me trying to fit inside the paradiem, I could have just called it “slow assign”, if you want that rainbow ball to fallow the mouse, but not teleport to it once a frame, you compose a slow assignment state machine with a vector2 type. I want it zip it with a state machine that will change colors, thats another type of state machine, and now im meta programming with state machines.

To do so, I will need an interface to duck type anginst and for the longest time I was using ranges, I think, no more while I want to have the basic interface of the iterator model of a get main element, poke the state forward and check if things seem done, I mean different things and a fresh slate can mean its all words and I can spell, no enterprize oo etc.

I sleepy, its 2:30 am, i’ll probaly code something up tomorrow.