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brown folded eggs

Sooo.. I like soft eggs, but traditionally the soft egg styles are reserved for fancy shit, french omelets, quite frankly I will not be beating eggs for 5 minutes for half a meal, listening for butter “singing”, or damaging a pan for a daily breakfest. Or tornado/dressed rice, also fantastic, but I don’t think I can twist my fingers to do that shit daily, and I don’t always have leftover rice.

A soft egg is a simple concept, high heat and move the finished eggs out of the way, yet the fear about undercooked eggs has pushed it to the edges; and I say NO.

In a medium frying pan heat 3(yes 3 don’t be a snob) pats of butter on medium- medium high heat.

Beat 5 eggs with soysause, salt, pepper and cayenne, quite heavily. Break up 90% of the egg white strings.

When the butter is past “singing”, litterally boiling and taking on some color, add the eggs.

With a pair of chopsticks, pull the film/sheet of cooked eggs into wrinkly piles repeatly, until no new egg fills the botton of the pan, tilt the pan to drain uncooked eggs onto the bottom of the pan and give it 30 more seconds to then dump on a plate.