taglines are spooks

  • copy and paste imports in d

    Orginally when I was looking for a lang, I had a single red flag when looking at d’s web site; which when compared to other randomly selected webshit langs is amazing. However it still stands that the d devs shit on good parts of c, when allow me to be blunt c is the best lang aviable; thats more of a reflection on the other langs that exist, its really showing its age, but I stand by that statement until a suitable c replacement gets made.

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  • indroduction

    Hello internet, I’m monkyyy, I’m an opinionated asshole. Welcome to my storage of opinions. Eventually I may get an email for this site, or a comment section. But currently I’m just screaming into the void trying to be comfy while doing it. The world is censory out there, and all based on website that runs slow, drops infomation and don’t nesserily allow me to inline an image or cross out text.

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