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  • brown folded eggs

    Sooo.. I like soft eggs, but traditionally the soft egg styles are reserved for fancy shit, french omelets, quite frankly I will not be beating eggs for 5 minutes for half a meal, listening for butter “singing”, or damaging a pan for a daily breakfest. Or tornado/dressed rice, also fantastic, but I don’t think I can twist my fingers to do that shit daily, and I don’t always have leftover rice.

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  • how should standard libs be managed

    So, an under appreciated feature of a lang is the std. Honestly at this point I think it could make or break a lang. Having a good std means its easy to write acceptable code from the gate. C-style langs historically require immense effort to render hello world, I believe this is the singular reason webshit is winning, because the js can draw things “easily” with the js os known as chromium.

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  • email me

    Has anyone found this site yet? If so, email me at

  • web is bloat what would I do

    The webshit is webshit, I imagine anyone who manages to find this blog will agree that the socail media web is bad or is a “systems” programmer who looks at webshit with disgust; so not going into detail, so what would I replace it with? I see 3 main tasks as part of the web:

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  • I want to go to an antimask protest

    Naturally, I’m a “covid-denier”; despite the fact I made a death toll prediction feb 5th before the medical estimement raised the alram, I did my speculating, made my conclusion, and stated it to an hyper critical audence saying I was anti-science for thinking it would be worse then sars. Dispite enaging with the most important bit of science I believe in, motivated prediction.

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  • please stop the roits antifa

    When this started, there was a video of a man being killed by police officers that generally speaking everyone agreed was murder. Today, that fact is disputed, there was a 17 year old who was either kkk member or an americain hero depending on who you ask. You went staight past, vague but consentous to improve the problem of police violence, to two competing thoeries of expanding police power.

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  • D is rather good at commandline bodging

    I have not seen this written down anywhere, and the pieces are seperated in the documation; But I assume it took effort to make pieces of this to work apperently correctly and comfy. Taking command line input: void main(string[] s){ Besides element 0 being the command for posix reasons; its rather staight forward, your input is whatever you named s.

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  • bash scripting 1

    So, in order to make writing a blog with images comfy I need a tool of some sort way to inject the infomation into the blog and set it up so it will be auto hosted. A software maximalist would set up a drag and drop interface, you would take your screen shot run over to m$ paint, paste your screen shot, then go to you document folder and hope you find it quickly then you drag and drop into your webshit website editor.

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  • up and running

    I believe I’ve fixed all the webshit issues. And this should just work. I’m a little unsure of the process to get images so here is me attemping to upload one Hey it works I can work with that, a little big but sure. Lets see if I can publish it in under 2 minutes.

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  • Lysander Spooner is still relevant

    The world is still shit. The naive look at history and think it is over, the holocaust can’t happen again, democracy is peak humanity, slavery ended and enjoying djanjo unchained and or the white giult football movie makes you a good person, good enough that you can go harass poeple on twitter in fact.

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